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Let Me Introduce Myself


Jeanine Calkin's work for Senate District 30 goes far beyond holding office and passing legislation. She believes in the continuation of Bernie Sanders' political revolution and aims to create a foundation for progressive policies and real change within Warwick and throughout all of Rhode Island. Through this, Jeanine aims to move beyond partisan roadblocks that are holding this state back from achieving much needed reform. Her legislation and voting will not be dictated by the needs of wealthy bureaucrats, but will be influenced by only one group, the residents of District 30 and Rhode Island.


Jeanine is a life-long Rhode Islander, and the daughter of middle class parents who were also born and raised in RI.  She worked hard to put herself


through college and holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from Bryant University.  She worked for many years in the I.T. field


managing financial systems, and saw how the profit motive of large corporations can affect workers.

She became politically active in 2015 when she founded Rhode Island for Bernie Sanders. Jeanine then was elected to become a delegate to the


National Democratic Convention.  In 2016 she was elected to the RI State Senate to represent Warwick’s District 30 where she introduced


legislation for a $15 minimum wage, single-payer healthcare and multiple bills to help protect our environment.  She was also very vocal in speaking


out and voting against bad bills. She now serves on the Executive Board of the RIDP Women’s Caucus, and is the Chair of Our Revolution RI.

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