"My name is Jeanine, and I ran for State Senate because I’m tired of our stagnant political system leaving so many of us behind. Over the last 35 years, the diminishing of the middle class is staggering. Growing up, I knew that if I worked hard and got a college degree, I could make a good living for myself. Unfortunately today, that is not necessarily the case."
Minimum Wage
I will fight to increase Rhode Island’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. Due to the high cost of living in our state, many Rhode Islanders are forced to forgo vital commodities in order to make ends meet and survive between paychecks. I have introduced legislation in both 2017 and 2018 to raise the wage to a living wage of $15 an hour.  I will make certain that our citizens will not have to choose between sustenance and shelter due to financial hardship.
Social Security
The current state of social security is causing uncertainty in the future continuation of the program. As your senator, I will push for the expansion of the program and ensure its viability long into the future. If you work for your whole life and contribute to the social security system, you should be entitled to the fruits of your labor. As senator, I will continue to ensure that right to all Rhode Islanders.
Health and Family

As your senator, I will fight for paid sick and family leave, a single payer healthcare system, and the right to choose whether or not to get an abortion. A person’s income should not determine whether they can spend time with their families; nor should it determine whether you live or die of an illness. It is a ridiculous notion that, when confronted with an ailment, middle and lower class citizens must focus on payment rather than focusing on recovery. As your senator, I will fight to make sure that that reality does not continue into the future.

Income Inequality

In the last few years, despite stagnant or falling incomes of the lower and middle class, the income of the top 1% has grown more than 200% in the past decade. As your senator, I will fight to end preferential treatment for the wealthy and large corporations. In order to grow and prosper as a state, we must support the 99% of people who aren’t making millions of dollars a year.


As senator, I will support our veterans and fight for the expansion of their benefits. If you volunteer to go overseas and risk your life for our country, you do not deserve second class treatment when your return home. In office, I will make sure that our veterans are well treated and receive the support they need when they return home.

  • Repeal the taxes on Social Security.

  • Repeal § 44-11-2 (e), abolishing the $500 minimum tax rate on corporations. This legislation hurts small businesses across the state while protecting the interests of large corporations.

  • Impose a tax on the airport.

    • Tax airport pollution and protect our citizens from health risks caused by the airport.

  • Impose a tax on carbon emissions to help protect our enviornment.

  • Provide tax incentives for renewable energy to even out the costs between green energy and fossil fuels.

  • Provide tax incentives for small buissnesses. 


For the future of both our community and the world, we must move our focus towards clean, renewable energy sources. As your senator, I will fight for investments in solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal energy. Traditional energy sources are a danger to our environment, health, and to the future of our planet. The transition to green energy sources will provide cleaner air and water, longer lifespans, and a renewable source of power for the years to come.


 As senator, I will fight to fix our state's crumbling infrastructure and seek repairs for our roads and sewage systems. I will also support programs to expand the reach of our city's sidewalks to promote shopping locally at small buissnesses. 


 As your senator, I will work against the deeply entrenched corruption that is plaguing our state on every level. My decisions will be based upon the interests of ALL Rhode Islanders, not just the interests of big donors and crony capitalists. 


 As your senator, I will push for and incentivize the use of green energy over traditional fossil fuels.

I will fight to

  • Impose a tax on carbon emissions.

  • Provide tax incentives for renewable energy over fossil fuels.

  • Require all state buildings to install solar panels on their roofs. 

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